2016 Motor Trike Stallion


The Thoroughbred Stallion began making its mark on the powersports industry in 2006 and is now returning to reclaim its territory. The idea for the Stallion came from customer demand for an automatic vehicle, coming together with a trike knowledge base from sister company, Motor Trike.

When production first began the economy welcomed another luxury vehicle with open arms. However, after about 800 units rolled off the production line over the course of a few years, the economy was no longer spilling over and the supply and demand was no longer in sync. Production ended in 2010.

In May of 2012 Thoroughbred Motorsports announced plans to produce 150 Stallions. Stallions are rolling off the assembly line as you read this and will be in our dealers facilities at the end of October, 2012.

Lots of exciting things are happening with both these companies as Motor Trike continues with new product development and production as well.

"We are very excited about the return of the Stallion and the continued evolution of world class engineered designs for Motor Trike," stated Wayne Tompkins, VP.

The Stallion is a truly original trike that was designed and built in the USA. The Stallion was created for riders desiring more comfort and ease of operation while still enjoying the trike riding experience. It has an exciting power-to-weight ratio with excellent gas mileage and features and benefits not offered on any other motorcycle.

The cost of a Stallion is $33,995 plus tax, title, license and delivery.